Homes For Heroes Gives Back To Heroes Of All Kinds

January 10, 2018

NewFed’s Brian Damico interviews Mike Rice “The Mortgage Guy” and Candice “Pagz” Pagliarulo about the many features and benefits out there for our heroes. Police, active and retired military, fire dept, EMTs, School employees, hospital employees and many more people who are there for us when we need them. This episode of Easy Money New England is about giving back to those who give of themselves. Visit for details and to inquire about your eligibility.


The Top 5 Ways To Make The Money You Already Have Work For You

January 4, 2018

NewFed's Brian DAmico interviews author and finatial expert Jordan Goodman about the The Top 5 Ways To Make The Money You Already Have Work The Hardest For You. If there was a show about easy money this is it!

  1. Earning high income from Secured Real Estate Funds. Instead of keeping your money in the bank earning 0%, a suitable alternative would be Secured Real Estate Funds which pay 8% a year in monthly checks, which can either be deposited electronically or reinvested. These funds lend to high quality commercial real estate projects that are having a hard time getting financing from traditional banks and they use the “collaborative lending” model to help builder/developers complete their projects in a timely way.   The maximum they lend is a 70% loan to completed value. Minimum investment is $5000 and minimum hold time is 1 year. People can find out more or call 888-444-2102.
  2. Mortgage equity optimization to pay off 30 year mortgage in 5-7 years. By using a HELOC combined with a traditional first mortgage, people can pay down their principal much faster so they can pay off their mortgage in 5 to 7 years on their existing level of income. I will explain how this works and I have also attached to this email a chapter from my Master Your Debt book called Mortgage Free in 5-7 years. A great objective resource to help people implement this strategy is
  3. Mortgage Savings for Heroes. People in the military, first responders, doctors, teachers and clergy give a lot of great service but are not usually rewarded or appreciated enough. The Heroes Come First program at gives these heroes big discounts on mortgage rates and fees and also a rebate of real estate agent’s commissions when buying or selling a home. All of this can add up to $2000 or more for a home transaction.
  4. Verifying loan payments. Many people do not realize that the payments they are making on their adjustable rate mortgages, escrow withholdings and private mortgage insurance are incorrect. If they get those amounts audited and errors are found, people can qualify for huge rebates and adjustments of their payments down to the correct levels.  They can find out how to do this at;  and
  5. Refinancing your car loan to lower car payments. Many people took on bigger cars and car payments that they can afford in the last two years and now they may be in danger of getting their car repossessed if they can’t afford their payments. People don’t realize they can refinance their car loans to a lower rate and lower payment by lengthening out the maturity of the car loan. A website where they can do that easily

Building Wealth By Finding Problems Not Properties

December 15, 2017

Communication is a major factor when obtaining property. Brian DAmico talks to Tyler Sheff who goes into detail of how to build wealth. Looking to get started? You can also buy real estate through a self-directed IRA which could be a major factor when creating your business plan.


Time to invest in gold?

December 8, 2017

Guest Peter Hug from talks with Brian DAmico on ways to invest in precious metals.


Customizing Your Mortgage with Chris Nobile

November 30, 2017

Brian DAmico and Chris Nobile discuss how customizing your mortgage can maximize your profit potential. Your home is an investment and the financing can be tailored to your specific needs if you have the right team in place. That and lots more tips on this weeks episode of Easy Money New England!


Are You Insured Properly?

November 22, 2017

Lauren D'Amico of Newfed Insurance talks about insurance options for homeowners, renters, and auto insurance.  Preventative measures are discussed, and Lauren urges listeners to NOT deep fry their turkey this holiday season.


Pay Off Home Loans Years Sooner

November 17, 2017

Brian D'Amico talks with Harj Gill from Speed Equity about how to cut years off your mortgage.


Divorces Made Easy

November 8, 2017

Brian DAmico interviews certified divorce lending specialist Mike Rice regarding the importance of having a plan in place before, during, and after a divorce.  Is it really cheaper to keep her? All this an much more on this episode of Easy Money New England broadcasted live at the Studio 21 Podcast Cafe.


Creating Wealth With a 1031 Exchange

November 2, 2017

Host of Easy Money New England, Brian DAmico, sits down with Lynne Bagby of Asset Preservation Incorporation. She has the keys to creating wealth through 1031 Exchanges. 


Chatting Real Estate With Carter Law Offices

October 26, 2017

Brian Damico interviews Rick Carter and Kathy Holtshouser in this action packed episode of Easy Money New England! You need a "dream team" BEFORE you buy your home. Attorney, Loan Officer, Home Inspector, and a Real Estate agent all working for you to get you the best deal, rates, and keep you protected throughout the process.