Easy Money New England

Total Control With Damion Lupo

March 22, 2018

NewFed’s Brian Damico interviews Damion Lupo of www.DamionLupo.com about QRP’s (Qualified Retirement Plan), exiting the Wall Street Roller Coaster, Recession proof assets, and positive ways to cause disruption in your life. Get his free book his book “Total Control to the QRP” at www.totalcontrolfinancial.com when you enter your email address. This episode of Easy Money New England asks the questions “What if the market crashes?” and Damion will blow your mind with his answer!  If you are looking to get way more out of the money you already have, there are so many tips on this episode! This and every Easy Money New England Podcast is filmed at The Studio 21 Podcast Cafe and is Hosted on the United Podcast Network.